Data Visualization Music Robin San Francisco

Sunset Funset

A bit belated but here’s an article Robin penned looking at the open business data for the Inner Sunset neighborhood:


Thanks again to IPython, matplotlib, and pandas (a really fun way to play with data and winner of cutest name for a python package).

We’ve been on the move lately. I’ve set foot in Utah, walked below sea level in Death Valley and watched the sunset over the Grand Canyon. Robin is letting me use her old Nikon SLR so there may be photos forthcoming!

Debian 7 (Wheezy) went from stable to incredibly unstable over the last few weeks :\ So, this post is brought to you in part by Ubuntu (Trusty Tahr)!

My music collection was largely wiped out in the OS migration, but here’s the first song by Childish Gambino that got me hooked (thanks, Rebkin, for introducing me). I really want to listen to his Camp album now.

“Telegraph Ave (“Oakland by Lloyd”)”

Computer Professional Game Music Programming

Atari was just a blink ago

It might not look like much but this was very exciting to a very young me:


It might have something to do with why I made this GameJs game three years ago:

Been listening to Tegan and Sara:

“I Couldn’t Be Your Friend”

Data Visualization Music Robin San Francisco

It’s where we live

Robin made a really awesome post for Hoodline about the make-up of our neighborhood. Apparel, apparel everywhere:


Data analysis and initial charting brought-to-you-by IPython Notebooks and matplotlib; thanks guys.

Been listening to Robyn these days:

“Get Myself Together”

“We Dance to the Beat”