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Missed Connection – SF, Macy’s, Famous Internet Cat / Unknown Software Guy


Dear Grumpy Cat,

I tried to visit you at Macy’s this past Friday but didn’t arrive early enough. After waiting in line for an hour by Union Square we were told that you had already left the premises and I returned home with a heavy heart.

Someday Grumpy Cat…someday.

<3, Chapman P.S. I will likely watch your Christmas special even though the trailer leads me to believe it will be awful (but maybe that's exactly what you had planned?).


Ethereum Mist Concept Video

Fingers crossed that this isn’t vaporware…because it looks amaze.

Programming Text Editing

Sublime Text Paragraph Re-Wrapping

I’m a big fan of sublime text and just found a great function for re-wrapping text. In Debian, select the block of text to re-wrap and hit alt-q (shortcut for Edit > Wrap > Wrap Paragraph at Ruler).

That will take you from this:


To this:


No more manual formatting, woo!