the state of things (may 6, 2012)

Helicopter Cow

hi internet

Got a new laptop! Pretty awesome ThinkPenguin machine: Penguin International GNU/Linux Notebook running Trisquel 5.5. It has a solid-state hard-drive and boots faster than any computer I’ve had before. The BIOS bit goes by so quickly I had to scour the internet for the right keys to press to get to the setup screen (spoiler: F2 will get you there. F12 will let you choose the boot media on-the-fly). The Eee PC was just a little too small to comfortably compute on and is now being wiped (sterilize your hard-drives) before moving to a new home.

I installed Emacs and am slowly getting used to working in that editor. I wasn’t really sure about where to go after finishing the in-editor tutorial so I got a copy of Writing GNU Emacs Extensions to dig a little deeper.

Quicklisp did a great job of getting slime up-and-running in Emacs but I haven’t got any of the other packages to install correctly. It would be awesome if Common Lisp had something like Python’s virtual environment and pip…maybe quicklisp will start to fill that void?

have a great week!