Rebela Sono

It takes a bit of effort to find media in Esperanto but it occasionally pays off. I’ve been listening to an album from Dolĉamar that I bought from amazon a while back; here are a couple of the ones I’ve been hitting repeat on:


“Ni ĉiuj ni”
I don’t know how to translate this…”We all we”? Perhaps “We all everybody”[1]?


Mia amiko!

Saying this Esperanto phrase really tickles me for some reason:

“La malamiko de mia malamiko estas mia amiko.”
“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Maybe it’s because malamiko sounds so upbeat and friendly. “Saluton malamiko! Kiel vi fartas?”

Maybe it’s because it’s a pretty heavy idea to be dropping on someone that is just making sure they’re still spelling “friend” correctly: