Heartbeat – Monday, June 11th, 2018


Yoga, Jog (two laps), Duolingo (Esperanto).

News from The San Francisco Chronicle:

  • Front Page – Two rock climbers in their 40’s fell to their deaths in Yosemite. There’s concern that “speed climbing” and sponsored climbers are making the sport more dangerous (1,839 climbing deaths since 1905).
  • Front Page – San Francisco Supervisor London Breed leads former State Senator Mark Leno in the ranked-choice mayoral election (by 1,580 votes, 50.38% to 49.62%). The final tally is expected later today.
  • Business Report – Valve Corp. announced that it will “allow everything” on their Steam gaming platform except content it finds to be “illegal, or straight-up trolling”. The issue of censoring games on the platform came about because of games like “Active Shooter” and “Suicide Simulator”. Some of the more offensive titles have been removed from Steam.

Setup Coveralls for pypeerassets! Now the README has a cute “coverage badge”.

Cleaned the Kitchen 🙂

Added a DNS lookup, TCPClient and NewConnection to WinPrime. It populates a ListBox in the Network Tab with IP Addresses of potential Primecoin Nodes. Now I have to figure out how to “talk” to them.

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