Heartbeat – Monday, June 4th, 2018

Jogged two laps, yoga, DuoLingo.

News from The Washington Post:

  • Venezuela continues to lose citizens as the hyperinflation there wipes out incentive to stay in the country. Ten to twenty percent of staff at schools, hospitals and public transit have left.
  • There’s debate on whether President Trump has the ability to pardon himself. Giuliani and others claim Trump will not do such a thing and that an impeachment would likely follow if he did.
  • China is becoming an increasingly attractive country to conduct scientific research in. They’re investing heavily in recruiting talent from abroad, luring back expats and producing more doctoral degrees internally. The US should continue to collaborate with their growing scientific community.

Worked on setting up “seeder nodes” for Primecoin (https://github.com/belovachap/primecoin-seeder). Waiting on a couple of full nodes to sync up before starting the DNS servers.

Still working on protocol message structures in C#. Would like to get to an initial application that shows the communications between Primecoin nodes 🙂 Ultimately I’d like to build a mining module and a simple wallet for a stand-alone distributed Primecoin app on Windows 😀

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