Heartbeat – Thursday, May 31st, 2018

…drinks coffee…

News from The San Francisco Chronicle:

  • SF Mayor Mark Farrell re-endorsed the San Francisco Shipyard housing development. Area to be tested for radiation contamination from time as Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.
  • Texas Governor Greg Abbot released recommendations to help prevent school shootings in the wake of one at Santa Fe High School in Houston, Texas.
  • A Russian journalist exiled in Ukraine faked his own death in concert with police to foil a $40,000.00 hit placed on him by the Russian security service.
  • Global markets reacted unfavorably to political turmoil in Italy. President Sergio Mattarella refused to appoint a euro-skeptic economy minister popular with the 5-Star Movement and League parties. He instead appointed former IMF official Carlo Cottarelli to run a politically neutral government.

I’ve been playing Diablo III for the first time. It’s a very pretty game and I like collecting equipment but there’s not much of a challenge to it. Like wandering through a grim fairy tale while constantly clicking. Maybe someday I can replay it on higher difficulty 🙂

Jogged a couple of laps. Did a little yoga.

News from Reddit:

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