Heartbeat – Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

Tend to Cloud Computers :cloud:




The San Francisco Chronicle:

  • Front Page “S.F. HOMELESS PROJECT: Centers appear to be working”: Navigation Centers for people that suffer from persistent homelessness have proven helpful in San Francisco and in other U.S. cities. Although more costly and time intensive, they offer unwavering support to those that require extra assistance.
  • Front Page “Supes panel puts roadblock in front of Tasers”: Supervisors Sandra Lee Fewer, Malia Cohen and Norman Yee removed funding for police tasers from the city budget (Catherine Stefani and Jeff Sheehy voted against the cut). More information on the true costs of the tasers is being requested before committing to the expenditure.
  • Front Page “Harris’ ICE stance a fault line for Dems”: Senator Kamala Harris thinks ICE should be reconsidered from scratch after citing poor treatment of migrants. Positions among Democrats on the ICE agency vary and may cause discord in the party.


Yoga. Jog. DuoLingo.

WinPrime – A Block has some meta data and then Transactions. Transactions are composed of Inputs and Outputs. These have Scripts in them that I don’t currently understand (but will eventually).

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