Heartbeat – Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

I voted (and got a sticker)!

Woo, finally bought a bag of coffee! :coffee:

Yoga, jogged 2 laps, DuoLingo.

News from The New York Times:

  • The Supreme Court overturned a Colorado Court decision on Monday, ruling in favor of a Colorado baker that denied a gay couple a cake based on his religious beliefs. The ruling was overturned largely based on evidence that the commission handling the case was swayed by general religious animus. In that sense it was a very “narrow ruling” and it also included comments reaffirming gay rights protections.
  • The Fuego Volcano in Guatemala is still threatening more eruptions. The death toll is at 65 and expected to rise as rescue crews have not been able to access some areas.
  • Voting in California today for National, State and Local offices. There are more Democratic candidates running than in most years which may dilute the Democratic vote and lose some elections.
  • The New York Times reported on Sunday that FB gave device manufacturers (like Apple, Samsung and Amazon) access to vast amounts of FB user data. This is an especially sore subject since FB was recently reprimanded for leaking user data to Cambridge Analytica.
  • Microsoft is buying GitHub for $7.5 billion.

I tried to fix the broken PyPeerAssets build but network tests keep flaking.

Spent the bulk of the day looking at how to make https://github.com/PeerAssets/btcpy able to operate with different network constants. I also got the unit tests running with the refactor except there are some changes we made to accommodate Peercoin that will have to be abstracted away… perhaps tomorrow :zzz:

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