Heartbeat – Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Peerchemist (one of the Peercoin developers) made an interesting transaction today: https://twitter.com/peerchemist/status/1001747842451562497. It’s always exciting when something runs “in production” for the first time 🙂

News from The Washington Post:

  • “Roseanne” is cancelled after Roseanne makes a racist tweet.
  • Terrible flood in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Jogged around Kezar Stadium twice. Came back to discover a package from Pi Supply!

And here’s a piece of the painting from Croatia that keeps me company in “the back office”:

Signed up for all the insurances ($$$$!) 🙂

Finished making the automated test suite for pypeerassets pass. There’s some heavy global state in the btcpy library that forced me to “punt” on fixing some tests, marking them as “known to fail”. We’ll have to work on btcpy more.

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