the state of things (june 16, 2013)

On a scale of one to bear...I am bear.
On a scale of one to bear…I am bear.

hi internet

Oh man…totally sucked at keeping this thing up to date 🙁 Have a picture of me in the Muir Woods posing like a wooden bear!

Things have been going well out here in SF. I have bunch of pictures and videos uploaded to the blog and will try to start putting them up. Yelp‘s been Yelping real good. I’ve helped build a few things but there are a bunch of teams pushing out really cool enhancements all the time.

A couple of other random things:

  • After abondoning Trisquel 5.5 for a while for Ubuntu I’ve been using Trisquel 6.0 and have been very happy with the release. Give it a shot if you’re looking for a fully free distrubtion.
  • I saw this project for hardware bitcoin wallets on hacker news and got interested in bitcoin again. It’s a little weird creating an account on a site that used to be a Magic the Gathering card exchange but I think it’ll be really fun to try out.
  • My think penguin laptop is still running strong…but I am really jealous of this new high-res laptop they’re putting out now. Wants.

have a great week!

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