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hi internet

I’m typing this on my not-so-new Eee PC netbook running the new-to-me Trisquel GNU/Linux. For a libre OS it does a pretty bang-up job of just working (wireless internet, webcam and sound, oh my!). Bonus surprise: I plugged the usb microphone from rockband into the computer and Gnome immediately recognized it and allowed me to record audio with it!

I’ve been reading about the Vala programming language lately. I was kicking around the new Gnome Developer Center for some reason and liked the tutorial apps written in it. Vala reminds me of Objective C and Foundation classes. I was able to hack together a little binary clock app with relative ease:

I need to read these GStreamer tutorials, they look interesting.

I was trying out screen capture software in Gnome and needed a video editor and found Lombard by It’s written in Vala and compiles with very little fuss and actually seems to work. Now it’s definitely got bugs but how cool is it to have readable source code for an entire video editor?

I pushed some of the javascript game I was writing on my laptop to github:

It’s still in a pretty rough state but you can move the “destroyer” around with the arrow keys and drop “depth charges” by holding down the space bar and then releasing it after a desired length of time. The timing is kind of terrible at the moment…the submarines always win.

have a great week!

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