Tachyon Discovered, Tor Revisited, Quiet During Quarantine

Hello again, blog, it’s been a while.

The pandemic drags on and we are sheltering-in-place with the best of them. We acquired a small washing machine that hooks-up to the sink and a drying rack. Now we are able to do laundry!

Projects on the internet have kept moving. I stumbled into operating a tachyon node (by way of V.Systems, by way of Peercoin): It’s still in early stages of development but I’m interested to see how far they get.

After thinking about the requirements and responsibilities of running a tachyon node, I expanded the scope of the the tor node I’ve been running to support a limited exit policy. The tor node is definitely more popular now and I’ll need to keep an eye on its bandwidth consumption.

Beyond that, it’s been a quiet time in quarantine. Migrating applications to smaller, more appropriately sized droplets. Thinking about where to go next, why.

Peace and Prosperity (No. 0276 / 1000)

See you around internets.

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