Happy Saturday

Hello again, it’s been a minute.

San Francisco continues to be a quiet place during the pandemic. Even those of us that prefer to stay indoors are becoming antsy.

I’ve been learning and practicing Esperanto, Haskell, Music Theory. It’s progressing and I have hope (Ĝi progresas kaj mi havas esperon).

A new version of the the rewards library is out. It’s starting to look pretty good! Github:, PyPi:

Work continues on and

Peace and Prosperity (No. 0260 / 1000)

Have fun. Do good work.


Happy Tuesday

San Francisco is now “sheltering in place”. The streets are not entirely empty but very muted. It’s early, we’ll see how it goes.

I’m still hitting the DuoLingo and courses for Esperanto exercise. I picked up a Udemy course on piano to help with music theory and general music understanding. Still picking away at the edX music theory class.

On the Haskell front, I’ve started to make slow progress in both the School of Expression and School of Music books. Installing and using the FluidSynth MIDI server instead of Timidity has made using Euterpea a joyful experience. It will likely shift over time but some notes are being captured in

Peace and Prosperity (No. 0241 / 1000)

Have fun (inside), stay safe (inside).


Wandering, Once Again

I’ve been leaving Peercoin paper wallets around San Francisco off-and-on for a couple of years. It’s raining outside today and it finally tipped the scales on moving the real-world activity online: airdrop wallet 0201. To be honest, the conversion rate for the online wallets is so much higher already.

I’ve continued to learn Haskell and have been updating the Noisebridge wiki along the way I’ve made some progress on my own but will need to find their community to ask for help on more practical topics (like installing Haskell GTK… maybe is the right place for that).

Finally, I’ve been trying to understand Euterpea but get really lost when it mentions music theory concepts. The internet provides answers for those that look, though, edX Introduction to Music Theory 🙂 I’ll see if it helps.

Have fun, stay safe.