Happy Thursday

We continue to shelter-in-place in San Francisco as we watch the pandemic unfold. It’s been weeks (2, maybe 3?) since we started to live the social distancing life.

I’ve been hanging out in the Haskell chat rooms. There isn’t much activity there but people occasionally drop in and ask interesting questions. One person wanted to know if they could have a local copy of the Hackage server so they could work without internet access. It sounds like it’s possible but I haven’t heard back on the results yet:

Lumaturo has been running for a few days now and I’m still excited about going through my webpages’ reports. Something about getting a perfect score and making all the metrics turn from “red” to “green” is oddly addictive. At the very least, Google Lighthouse made me aware of using HTTP/2 on my servers.

I’m still working on adding gift and question metadata to Suprizi. Once the gift suggestions and questions make a bit more sense I’ll start looking into using machine learning to enhance the experience.

Organizing and adding to the Tricky Wiki continues.

In family news, Dad had a birthday recently and my cousin had a baby! I’ll have to update the family wiki 🙂

Peace and Prosperity (No. 0265 / 1000)

Keep moving, stay sane 🙂


Happy Saturday

Hello again, it’s been a minute.

San Francisco continues to be a quiet place during the pandemic. Even those of us that prefer to stay indoors are becoming antsy.

I’ve been learning and practicing Esperanto, Haskell, Music Theory. It’s progressing and I have hope (Ĝi progresas kaj mi havas esperon).

A new version of the the rewards library is out. It’s starting to look pretty good! Github:, PyPi:

Work continues on and

Peace and Prosperity (No. 0260 / 1000)

Have fun. Do good work.


Happy Tuesday

San Francisco is now “sheltering in place”. The streets are not entirely empty but very muted. It’s early, we’ll see how it goes.

I’m still hitting the DuoLingo and courses for Esperanto exercise. I picked up a Udemy course on piano to help with music theory and general music understanding. Still picking away at the edX music theory class.

On the Haskell front, I’ve started to make slow progress in both the School of Expression and School of Music books. Installing and using the FluidSynth MIDI server instead of Timidity has made using Euterpea a joyful experience. It will likely shift over time but some notes are being captured in

Peace and Prosperity (No. 0241 / 1000)

Have fun (inside), stay safe (inside).